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Department of Physics, University of Nairobi
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Condensed matter group had a mini symposia on 9th may 2013 at the
department of physics. The website for ansole is


The Department of Physics successfully held the 2013 April edition of Solar Academy that ended with a colorful closing ceremony on 25th April 2013. The training attracted over 50 interested participants but 20 participants were eventually trained. This is a third of its kind with the 1rst and 2nd held in April and August 2012 respectively. The training is in line with the Government's regulations that require that for any solar installer to be licensed, must have undergone the mandatory training for T1 and/or T2 category.

Conferences at chsd8club

Charitè-Universitätsmediizin Berlin (CUB) and University of Nairobi (UoN) exchange program is a 1-month fully sponsored research-based elective. It was pioneered by a student in 2016 with 3 cycles since.

The 2018 recipients were: Becky Wanjiku Njuguna, Brian Bundi Nyamweya, Evans Mutia Mutwiri, Mandela Kibiriti Mwangi, Ruth Kwamboka Nyang'aya and Sandra Obaje Maseno.

The following account is an attempt to summarize our collective experience:

Charitè University and hospital: